It is possible to book a ticket for children (3-12) in our calendar. The kids meals are mainly similar to the adults, but all alcoholic beverages are either removed or replaced with suitable non alcoholic options.
Tickets are not refundable and as we book the food in advance it is not possible to simply turn up for the next one. If you missed your tour please contact us ( and we will do our best to help you arrange another. This will involve a fee.
The guide will wait up to 10 minutes at which point we will start the tour. If you realize that you will be late please try calling us at the number provided on your ticket. The tour starts close to the meeting point in most cases so try looking around for us. Tickets are not refundable after the tour has started.
Yes. Please send your wishes to and we can arrange a private tour. Up to 100 people can participate in a private tour, but with more than 20 people we will arrange to have more than one group, each with a separate guide, starting and ending at the same time. This makes for a better experience.
Yes. Gift certificates are available on the booking page. Please follow our booking system through to the tour you wish to purchase a gift certificate for.
Absolutely. As a local you will still benefit from our expert guides and learn about the food culture and cuisine that surrounds you every day. You will also be learning many fascinating historical facts and stories that you may not be aware of. Plus, unlike our guests who visit from afar, being a local just means that you have more opportunities to go back to all the delicious food destinations that we will be visiting.
Our public tours are held in English as we have visitors from all over the world. However, we offer private tours in many other languages.
All our tours are held rain or shine. In the case of rain we will be able to go inside many of the tasting locations and there are other places where we will be able to stay dry. We kindly ask that you please look at the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Tickets cannot be cancelled due to the weather.
Children of all ages are welcome. As we will be going up some stairs, please make sure all strollers can be easily carried. Children under 3 years old participate for free. Children from 3-12 can participate in the tastings at the child price.
It is not customary to tip in Scandinavia, but if you think the guide has made an extraordinary good job a small tip is always welcome:-)
Some of our tasting locations are up some stairs. It is therefore not possible to accommodate wheel chairs at this time. We are happy to arrange private tours with alternative stops however. Baby strollers should be easy to fold and carry up the stairs. There are no lifts anywhere on our tours.
Yes. It is possibly to do some shopping at the locations. Please be aware that each tour involves a great deal of coordination so your shopping time will be limited. Many of our tours end where they began and you will therefore be able to shop after the tour as well.
Yes. Our tours are vegetarian friendly. However, please notify us of your dietary restrictions when you purchase your ticket.
Yes in nearly all cases there is parking available near the start of tour. All the Scandinavian capitals have excellent public transportation though and parking may be expensive in the center city. Consider leaving your car at the hotel and taking the train, metro or tram.
Cameras are most certainly permitted and photos are absolutely encouraged except in very rare cases. If photography is not permitted the tour guide will inform you. If you take pictures of the guide know that I don't have a good side and will always look silly.
Yes bathrooms are available at several of the food tasting locations, but it is always a good idea to use them before the tour starts as we may need to walk a bit before the first one.
The maximum number of people on a tour is 12. If you are a larger group please contact us and we can arrange a private tour for you.